Friday, November 25, 2011


First of all, my apologies to my faithful readers, if there are any. To redeem myself, I promise to put up at least 1 post every week until the end of the year, except 3-9th December, when I have my exams. I did not make any posts in October as the PCLL got a little intense and my sister had to march down the aisle. For those who are interested, you may catch a glimpse of the gorgeous bride and the dashing groom on this photography blog created by my cousin Brian Ting. 

It took me days to recover from my sister's wedding. I lost interest in everything and all I cared about was my bed. I finally crawled out of my cocoon last week and started cooking again. Ahh, my long lost happiness and sense of satisfaction. 

Every member of my family loves this. We order this every time we go to 夏麵館. It is very simple to make, very cheap, and you can make the sauce in advance, keep it in the fridge and every time you want something to eat, you can go grab the sauce, reheat it, cook the noodles and in only 3 minutes, any lazy bum get the taste of heaven. Trust me.